How to install Ghost on Zpanel with multiple instances?

Ghost is an incredibly stand alone modern designed just for blogging platform, while using it gives you pleasure, installing it for beginner is a little hectic. I am assuming if…

Replacing table prefix
How to rename WordPress tables prefix?

Renaming the default WordPress tables prefix is one of the very important step to secure your WordPress from hacker. There are two methods  to alter or rename WordPress tables prefix:…

How to change sleep mode timings in Windows 7
How to change sleep mode timings in Windows 7

In many cases you may want to change sleep mode of your windows 7 running pc or laptop i.e. Automatic system failure or BSOD (Blue screen of death). To change…

See old notifications in Android 4.3 and most recent version of Android
How to view history of notifications in Android 4.3+

Notification feature is one of the key feature of Android running smartphones this give you an instant update from the apps on real time, to see new notification you can… To convert any file format To any file format
Cloudconvert: Making conversion easy on cloud is an online file conversion tool where you can convert any file format to any file format online. How to covert file on Currently is in beta… to get website traffic and revenue details
How to know website traffic and its estimated revenue?

This is the big question everyone must be wondering that what is the estimated traffic and revenue of a particular website? In this post I am going to share with…

Turn your Facebook page into website with
Turn your Facebook page into free website with

A Facebook page is your mini website. It is your social and corporate portfolio of your personal image, business or organization there are millions of pages on Facebook each day…

Remove Delta search engine malware
How to remove delta search engine from chrome and other browser?

It is very irritating and makes you annoyed when you see default web browser page something that you don’t like at all, do whatever to remove it but it is…

Reveal Hidden Password
Know password of prefilled password input box

Auto fill or remember the password feature of web browser is great way to give you relaxation while typing the same password again and again whenever you are require to…

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