Google nexus 4 is cheaper now
Nexus 4 a smart phone, a smart buy?

In case you are out to make a smart phone purchase, then this is one discussion which can help you save a decent amount. Yes!! You read it right; by…

Top 10 budget Smartphones under INR 10k
Top 10 Smartphones available under INR 10k

Move across the slider to see which mobile smartphones are available within price tag INR 10k in India. [new_royalslider id=”2″]

Mozilla Brick: A mobile app UI components released in Beta
Download Mozilla’s reusable web apps UI components – BRICK

Mozilla has recently announced Brick a developer friendly HTML5 based development kit which is quickly use to quickly build smart mobile friendly web apps. Brick is a package of reusable…

Download 15 free mobile design kit PSD
Download 15 free mobile design flat UI for free

In today freebie section download 15 free mobile design flat UI kit in PSD format. The PSDs contain following items: Phone 4s & 5, iPad 2, 4 & Mini Galaxy…

Create awesome dropdown with free Jquery EasyDropDown plugin
Stylize html select elements with jquery EasyDropDown plugin

Jquery EasyDropDown available for free. It is a new jquery plugin that enhance the css of your dropdown <select> html elements. It is a powerful fancy and stylable drop down…

Download free 43 extended shadow social icons for free
Download free 42 extended shadow social icons

In today freebie section you can download a free PSD file containing extended shadow social icons that cover almost all popular social network icons i.e Facebook, Twitter and Youtube etc. After…

Flowtype a responsive web typography solution
Flowtype: A responsive web typography for your website

Flowtype is a responsive typography solution for your web page or web app. Flowtype is a jquery plugin that comes with a single javascript called flowtype.jQuery.js which is light in weight for…

LG Optimus G Pro top mobile phone model from LG
Top five popular flagship mobile smartphones

Flagship phones are the top mobile phone models of mobile manufacturer. Following are the top five flagship mobile smartphones that are currently available in smartphones markets are as: 1.) HTC…

Top 10 least known but useful modern website frontend framework
Top 10 least known but useful modern website frontend framework

You must have known some of the popular website frontend framework i.e. Twitter Bootstrap and but there in this particular post I am going to share with you some…

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