How much is 1 GB for a smartphone?

Do you have any idea How much is 1 GB for a smartphone? Find out the answer in below beautiful infographic please click on infographic to enlarge it. by chatsky.

Nokia Lumia 925 Launched
Get a new start with all new Nokia lumia 925

Nokia’s latest smart phone Nokia Lumia 925 is one such example that the firm has certainly created drastic changes in the making of its gadgets. This device is slimmer, toned…

Samsung Note 3 is launched
An introduction – Samsung galaxy note 3

Samsung galaxy note 3 is an android based smart phone, and will be released internationally in late 2013. Galaxy note 3 is bound to have a slightly lighter body than…

Top 10 budget Smartphones under INR 10k
Top 10 Smartphones available under INR 10k

Move across the slider to see which mobile smartphones are available within price tag INR 10k in India. [new_royalslider id=”2″]

LG Optimus G Pro top mobile phone model from LG
Top five popular flagship mobile smartphones

Flagship phones are the top mobile phone models of mobile manufacturer. Following are the top five flagship mobile smartphones that are currently available in smartphones markets are as: 1.) HTC…

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