Self-Hosted web IDE built in PHP

ICEcoder- A web based IDE
ICEcoder- A web based IDE

IDE stands for Interactive Development Environment it is term use for software who provides code editor to write code in a more sophisticated way rather than simple software like Notepad, there are many desktop based IDE software like Visual Studio, Adobe Dreamweaver and Netbeans etc. but if you are looking for a web based IDE then you are left with few choice in which ICEecoder is far better option.

ICEcoder- A web based IDE
ICEcoder- A web based IDE

ICEcoder is web based IDE software that is built in PHP to provide web professional (web designer and developer) an interactive development environment to write code and maintain the same online itself.

ICEcoder is free open source software so you can download it and can install it on your local machine (comfortable with all leading php based server like ampps, wamp, xampp running on different OS i.e. Linux, Mac and Windows).

Some of the key feature of ICEcoder are as:

  1. Use online or locally
  2. Broken tag indicators
  3. Themes (to enhance visual coding layout)
  4. Find & replace builder
  5. Secure login
  6. Type boosters
  7. Nest display & selection
  8. Linting with JS Hint as you type
  9. Manage your MySQL databases

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