Place search box in website easily with Tipue Search

Tipue Search Plugin
Tipue Search Plugin

Tipue search is a jquery search plugin that offers you to add full website search features in a search box which works without database and run completely in the client web browser with the help of JSON method you can render your site content into Tipue search source dynamically.

Tipue Search Plugin
Tipue Search Plugin

Tipue search has options to compare the keyword either with a JSON data or dynamically from the content of any number of given URLs. Once set up, there the page for the “search results” is ready too.

This search plugin provides two kinds of search functionality first simple string based searching and second image searching as well.

The image search option of Tipue search plugin is similar to google image search layout you can see in its demo.

Apart from this Tipue search jquery plugin also provides google suggest like live suggestion feature.

The good thing is that Tipue search plugin comes with open source MIT language that can be used in non-commercial or commercial way, it also is fully responsive and can be resized according to different display devices i.e. mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop etc.

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