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Joomla Component Creator

An overview of Joomla – Joomla is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that gives you amply features and functionality to manage your website with ease. Joomla has cast amount extensions that are available both in free and premium version so that developer or designer may easily short out common problems.

Joomla is not meant to simply build a dynamic website rather with the help of its robust APIs and extremely well documented platform any developer can develop a new extension for it.

Joomla extension comes in three different categories Component, Plugins and Modules.

Joomla follow the Model View Controller (MVC) development framework which is based on Object Oriented Programming System (OOPS). Written on above PHP its library gives you enough privilege to develop a new extension.

Problem while Joomla Extension development- While developing a new extension for Joomla specially a component which is the main core of an extension through which two other extension Plugins and Modules originate developer face many problem due to non-availability of a proper Interactive Development Environment. There are some of the native supported dreamweaver plugin but those are poorly written and documented.

And also due to lack of proper dedicated support a new comer initially found it difficult to work with Joomla library and APIs system.

Solution is component creator- To make component creation task easier and to avoid reinventing the wheel Joomla Component Creator is best option available pertaining to rapidly develop a fresh component to Joomla.

Generate a fully functional, ready to install, custom Joomla component in no time. The Component Creator takes all the tedious work out of Joomla development, giving you more time to focus on the stuff that matters.

This really helpful web application developed by so all credit goes to them. Thanks to them to create this magical web app.

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Some of the notable features of Joomla Component Creator

Tables and Views

  1. Design database tables and generate SQL install code
  2. Design admin list and form views for each table
  3. Generate list and detail views for the front end
  4. Easily add front end forms with ACL control New
  5. Set custom icons for the component and for each view New

Field types supported

  1. Text, Textarea, Password and WYSIWYG Editor
  2. Select, Radio buttons, Checkboxes and Integer lists
  3. Calendar date selector
  4. Media manager New
  5. Joomla Languages New
  6. Foreign key field (Select value from other table) New
  7. Joomla com_categories integration New


  1. Follows the Joomla coding standards
  2. Create fully installable MVC component ready to extend
  3. Includes language files (in English), ready to translate
  4. Compatible with Joomla 1.6 to 3.0

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