Converse.js – Free and open source facebook chat like app

Converse.js Chat Application
Converse.js Chat Application

Facebook has a very good chat application, very similar to that I found an app called converse.js that looks like Facebook chat application and that has similar features or even more than that.

Converse.js Chat Application
Converse.js Chat Application

Apart from single user chatting it also does support mulit-users chat rooms and can be connected to any XAMPP/Jabber server, it can be publically authenticated by site or you can configure your own server to successfully run this server.

You can go on to create your jabber account the same jabber account you can use on chat demo to check out fully functional demonstration of this awesome chat system.

Features of Converse.js

  • Single-user chat
  • Multi-user chat in chatrooms (XEP 45)
  • vCard support (XEP 54)
  • Service discovery (XEP 30)
  • Contact rosters
  • Manually or automically subscribe to other contacts
  • Accept or decline contact requests
  • Roster item exchange (XEP 144)
  • Chat statuses (online, busy, away, offline)
  • Custom status messages
  • Typing notifications
  • Third person messages (/me )
  • i18n aware

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