An opensource CMS for creative people


Koken is newly design php based cms for creative people like designers and photographers. With the help of this CMS creative people can create portfolio of their work.

It has exceptionally sophisticated Media library which can manage digital content so well, some of the features of Koken media library are:

  1. Unlisted Content: Shareable content links accessible only to clients and contacts. May unlist albums, sets, as well as individual media.
  2. Collections: Group media with albums, then group albums with sets. Media is independent and may be shared across multiple albums.
  3. Favorites / Featured: Mark media as featured or favorite to group together the cream-of-the-crop for your published web site.
  4. User Ordering: Drag and drop media inside albums into your preferred order. Public albums and sets may be manually ordered just the same.
  5. Tags and Categories: Everything can be tagged and categorized. Images with IPTC are automatically classified using their metadata after upload.
  6. Replaceable Content: Upload new versions of existing images and videos anytime. All media data and site links are maintained.

Write about portfolio updates, inspiration, or anything that comes to mind. Images, videos, slideshows, tweets, and even content from Flickr, Instagram and Vimeo are a snap to display.

Live site previewing and editing

Customize your web site’s style inside the console using simple style controls or write your own CSS.

Syncs with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Drag, drop and publish. Koken comes with a free publish services plugin for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom that makes updating, editing and replacing content easy.

Koken is free to download:

Since it is freely available you can install it on your web server.

Choose elegant beautiful inbuilt theme

Six minimal, responsive themes that looks great on every screen. Use ours or make your own.

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