What is Google Chromecast? How does it works?

What is Google Chromecast? How does it works?
 Durgesh Gupta
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Google Chromecast was announced on July 24, 2013 and was made available for purchase on the same day for US$35 in USA (approximately 2,135 in INR) via eminent online store i.e. Amazon.com, Bestbuy.com and Google play store.

Since it is not yet officially launched here in India, I did not bothered myself to find out What is Google Chromecast? To be very frankly saying I heard the device name but did not know much about this, and I am pretty much sure that you also did not know much about this device prior reading this article.

Since the device is slowly rolling out to other countries as well besides from its origin country USA, I thought to answer this question in a layman language as per information I gathered from different sources.

What is Google Chromecast? How does it works?
What is Google Chromecast? How does it works?

Google Chromecast is a TV broadcasting device which can broadcast the things you want to share on your Television through your smart devices (running on android or iOS) you already own i.e. Android smartphones, Iphone, Ipads etc.

It connects to your TV HDMI port and then connect to your wifi and finally connect to your smartphones through wifi network.

Once your wifi connected smart device is connected to Google Chromecast you are now ready to broadcast your device content on your big TV screen in high definition quality. For example you can show youtube videos, play musics, checkout photographs, facebook, twitter, chatting message all whatever you can see on your smartphone you can show it on TV to share with everyone, this all you can do very easily with Google Chromecast.

To watch videos on a big screen or want to show a presentation on a big screen you don’t need any projector all you can do with your Android running devices or iOS devices.

With the Google Chromecast your smart device can work or act like a remote control device for TV (television), Show whatever you want to show to your near and dears ones.

Take a look to below video presentation to see it how it works in real life.

Google Chromecast comes in $35 but it is limited to certain countries only i.e. USA, UK or Australia.

Availability in India

Google Chromecast has come to India and you can order it online. In India now you can order your Google Chromecast through Amazon, Bestbuy.com and other global ecommerce websites, you can own Google Chromecast device in INR 5,000/- or less. The official availability of Chromecast device in India yet to be made by Google.

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