An easy way to transfer files between two locations An easy way to transfer files between two locations
 Durgesh Gupta
Share post: is a simple, fast and reliable way to transfer files between two hosts. It is very easy to use hosted file transfer solution. With the help of this awesome utility you can transfer up to 10GB files free later you can purchase more space as per your requirements. On you can not only transfer files instantly but also you can schedule files transfer task this is helpful in taking backup of important data or websites. hosted solution to transfer or backing up files between two hosts hosted solution to transfer or backing up files between two hosts is very helpful when you need to shift files from one server to another over FTP. Not just only FTP but also offers you 22+ connectors of popular storage apps i.e. Amazon S3, Skydrive, Dropbox, ftp accounts etc. that can be easily configure to transfer files without any hassle.

Signing up for is very easy all you need to do is just enter email id and password and you are ready to move file between source and destination.

To move file, first select source, it could be ftp account, hosting account like media temple or amazon s3, skydrive or other popular storage service, now configure destination. Once both source and destination are properly connected click on transfer button to transfer it. Transferring files on is as easy as 1,2,3. Once your files moved from source to destination successfully will notify you via email.

If you are running with less bandwidth or don't have enough internet speed or speed quota to transfer files then having hosted file transfer solution like is very helpful to save your time and bandwidth both. File transfer dashboard File transfer dashboard

The formal way to shift website for another web server to another server is very hectic as first you have to download files from source web server via ftp client i.e. Filezilla etc. then you have to upload on another web server, this way you spend more time unnecessarily and bandwidth.

So before taking backup of your next website or changing your hosting company consider for smooth, reliable, safe, faster and hassle free faster file transfer.


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