Get notified by email when a web page changed Get notified by email when a web page changed
 Durgesh Gupta
Share post: is a free web tool to visually monitor your selected web page on selected interval time and on selected trigger level i.e. Tiny, Medium and Major. It gives you an email alert when any changes occur in your submitted web urls. [caption id="attachment_13612" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Get notified when a web page changes by Get notified when a web page changes by[/caption] If you want to get update when a particular webpage is changed then you can use which ask the web page address which needs to be monitor, its interval time (by default hour selected),trigger ((by default Tiny Change selected) level  and of course your email id where it will send you an update when a particular changes will occur. Once you add your web page for monitoring on, visually analysis your webpage on the basis of selected trigger level i.e. Tiny Change, Medium and Major Change on a particular selected interval i.e.  Hour, Day or Week, if it finds any difference between the last scan and current scan copy it send you an email for the same. [button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ][/button]
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