Acelle Modern and New Email Marketing App

Acelle Modern and New Email Marketing App
 Durgesh Gupta
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Acelle is a new self-hosted email marketing application (EMA) which is simple but yet very useful and offers key features to run and manage successful email marketing campaigns.

Acelle offers two interfaces one for Admin and another for the end user while Admin can create multiple frontend users, user groups, sending server like Amazon SES or simple SMTP based delivery channel end user can deal with composing, sending and managing the email campaign.

Acelle offers rich user interface intuitive modern application dashboard at the cost of USD 30 only.

Acelle Email Marketing Application
Acelle Email Marketing Application

With Acelle email marketing application you can even start your very own online email marketing business and can make money while selling email marketing to your customer.

The key features of Acelle Email Marketing Application are as:

  • List and Subscriber Management
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Integrate sending server like Amazon SES, Maillgun, Exim, PowerMTA or any other SMTP-based server.
  • Manage Sending Domain
  • Manage Feedback Look Server (FBL)
  • Mange Bounce Server
  • Email Quota Managment
  • Multiple User Support
  • User Group Management
  • Many Others

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