Worspress.com the ever growing blogging platform

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In the race of being popular and user centric blogging platform like tumblr.com, google’s blogspot.com and other blogging platform.  It seems wordpress.com is stealing the show due to its usability and robust features and functionality.

Ever since it came into existence I have been experienced wordpress.com in polite manner and have created so many blogs. It is quite interesting and user friendly platform based on popular jquery javascript framework and developed in PHP server side script language.

Recently they revamped its homepage you can take a look of it at www.wordpress.com .

Exploring its dashboard it has New Post, Reader, Notifications, Statistics (Stats), My Blogs and Freshly Pressed options as menu item on header. Each option has its own significance, in a single sign up you can create and manage N number of blogs.

WordPress use jquery based ajax functionality that can communicate with server without refreshing the whole page like the way while using facebook.com you must have noticed the partially updating of the web page.

Adding New Post  

Only select your respective blog from dropdown and select your post type like Text, Photo, Video, Quote and Link, now you can start adding new post to your blog and can publish to see it live on blog.

The Statistics Part

Like google analytics and pubmatic it has inbuilt blog statistics so one can deeply analysis respective blog visitors. A simple chart showcasing to show the visitor over view based on daily, weekly and monthly also one can browse data through geo location like country wise can see the referral traffic to the site and traffic coming  from search engines can be seen. Its core statistics is enough to analysis your blog traffic.

Full fledge Discussion System

It has full-fledged inbuilt strong and robust comment system to notify you for the moderation whenever a comment gets posted on your particular post item. Latest, Unread, Comments, Follows, Likes, Reblogs and Awards these are the helpful options available to make it complete social debating platform.

A Premium Service

However wordpress.com provides you all basic material to successfully run your blog but if you need little more and want to customize and implement a premium thinking and finally want to have particular domain name with hosting you can always go for its PRO membership plan starts from $99 per year approximately Rs. 5500/- per year.