Useful Mozilla Firefox shortcuts for more efficient browsing experience

Basic Mozilla Firefox Shortcuts

Mozilla Firefox is an ever growing open source browser, till date it is downloaded for million time. Today I am going to share with you a cheat sheet of useful shortcuts that can boost up your productivity while browsing Internet in Mozilla Firefox.

Basic Mozilla Firefox Shortcuts

Basic but useful shortcuts of Mozilla Firefox (mainly based on Windows OS)

Add Bookmarks ctrl + d
Bookmarks ctrl + b
DOM Inspector ctrl + shift + i
Downloads ctrl + j
Full Screen View f11
Help f1
History ctrl + h
Page Source ctrl + u
Print ctrl + p
Refresh Page f5
Refresh Page & Cache ctrl + f5
Save Page As ctrl + s
Private Browsing ctrl + shift + p
Find Again f3
Find in This Page ctrl + f
Find Previous shift + f3
Open new tab window ctrl + t
Tab to next window ctrl + tab
Tab to previous window ctrl + shift + tab
New Window ctrl + n
Close Window alt+f4
Close tab window ctrl + w
Clear Your Cache ctrl + shift + del


Happy Mozilla Firefox Browsing