Update web page CSS in real time with Blupeneditor tool


There are browser based tools like Firebug and webmaster tool those facilitate web designers and web developers to find or trace the css bug in web page, But these tools are not capable to update the changes that are made during the fixing the bug.


To overcome from these kind of hurdles and save your time and increase your productivity bluepeneditor.com lets you create and design your own css and simply facilitate you also to update in real time, yes it can update your site css too.

The benefits of bluepeneditor.com are as:

  1. Fast and easy editing
  2. Higher efficiency
  3. Productivity boost
  4. True WYSIWYG editor
  5. Easy to install
  6. Small Footprints on the client’s server (only 1 small file to upload)
  7. Automatic Updates

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