Tactile Design Kit: Necessary printable web client sheets

Tectile design kit
Tectile design kit

Keeping client happy is our motive after all some face little and some face a lot of problem in lack of proper documentation with client since every client is new, wants something unique feature to be added with unique recipe so it is advisable that prior to start working on a new web project you first complete client documentation about the web project.

Tectile design kit
Tectile design kit

Because you want to be very clear, have full understanding of the project and finally don’t want to be mess with client at some level of development or designing while working on a new project in lack of poor understanding and absence of written conversation henceforth it is highly recommended idea that you must conduct a conversation with client in writing.

Offer him to elaborate his web idea in his own way according to some widely accepted questionnaire format. This way you can figure out what exactly your client needs from you then you can check your further strength in project and can easily prepare a road map to complete and deliver the final project.

To make the client conversation task much easier I am going to share with you a set of docs called Tectile Design Kit that facilitate you to ease the conversation with client and let him brainstorm on project.

Tectile design kit is a set of necessary documents that you can print and pass to client to let him give his view and thoughts about the project.

Tectile design kit includes the following set of documents for print:-   

Navigation Worksheets Wireframe Toolkit
Visual Vocabulary Reference Website Design Review Worksheet
Site Descriptors Worksheet Persona Template
Idea Cards  

You can download the available formats of Tectile Design Kit and can print prior to start working with a new client on a new web project.

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