Start an on demand custom apparel dropshipping Ecommerce store in India

Resell online custom designed T-Shirt and other printed accessories

Selling online T-Shirt is a lucrative business model. You can sell online T-Shirt via your online store or marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart or even on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you can create custom beautiful T-Shirt design and can order for on demand printing with T-shirt printing press.

The major hurdle one faces when it comes to sell online stuff is purchasing the variety of inventory from end suppliers or manufacturers, in order to get bulk pricing or B2B (business to business) you require to make bulk purchasing which obviously require more money and also it give you fear of holding the inventory for larger time until you get rid of it (through proper sale).

What about if you can get dropshipping for your custom designed Apparel printing items i.e. T-Shirt for men, women and kids, also custom designed Accessories like Notebook, Mouse pad, Cup etc.

Printrove is such online supplier which offer dropshipping service to Merchant who wish to resell T-Shirt and other custom printed stuff. In other precise words you take care of promoting the items that you wish to sell, get order and Printrove will take care of order Fulfillment.

The Printrove will print the appropriate ordered item and ship it on behalf of you with your desired invoice and custom labels etc. So in true send it becomes a complete whitlabel dropshipping.

A major advantage in dropshipping business model is you don’t have to hold or purchase any inventory.

Printrove also offer an easy integration to online selling platform like Shopify or Woocommerce powered online store to their merchant panel for easily create/upload custom designed product, adding new product catalogue or managing existing one or create T-Shirt mockups and sync the items to your online e-commerce store for selling. When a custom places a new order it automatically sync to Printrove merchant for further processing and fulfilment.

We at WebAnaya have worked diligently with variety of online ecommerce store which are into reselling online custom designed T-Shirt and other stuff on dropshipping business model. We offer woocommerce and Shopify based custom theme development services and also integration with Printrove like dropshipping platform.

Some of the online reselling e-commerce store connected with Printrove are as follows:

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