Sound cloud a dedicated platform for your own recorded voice.

If you want to record, upload and share your own voice then is the perfect solution for your need. It has plenty features to record, store, manage and share your sound.

It is a leading social sound app that gives you option to connect and record your voice from anywhere and anytime. From the web to mobile its application runs on different mobile platform i.e. Iphone, Ipad, Android, IOS and Windows.

With this social app you can connect via our social media giant like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Below are some of the Key Features of

  1. A Social App: One of the key features of this app is that this is a social application that gives you a kind of platform where you can connect with different users, with not only soundcloud’s members you can also connect and follow members via social media giant like Facebook, twitter and tumblr.
  2. Sound Recording in real time: You can record your voice in real time and at the same time you can upload to your account.
  3. Comes with free package: However this app is not fully free but it comes with a free package so that you can have a full taste of it. The only restriction in free plan is that you can only enjoy 100 downloads/sound and 120 upload minutes of sounds.
  4. Versatile Premium Membership Plan: A plan that suites everyone needs does offer four types of membership plan for more information you can access this premium package page.
  5. 5.Check Statistics: You can check a particular sound statistics. The statistics widget gives you better insight view of your sound.
  6. 6.Explore Sounds: It gives you privilege to explore and listen to its user submitted sounds. With a like button you can like your favorite sound so that in future you can easily locate it via like option and can play it.
  7. 7.Online Editing Option: After recording if you want to trim or edit your recorded or uploaded voice you can do it online in real time and save it.
  8. 8.Group Creation: With this option you can create a group of sounds so that you can segregate your sounds list.
  9. 9.Social Website Widget: If you want to put or stick or embed your recorded sound somewhere in your blog or website you can easily do this. You can simply grab its code and can put into website. For some of the notable popular Opensource Content Management System like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal there is a dedicated plugin to integrate sounds with ease.
  10. 10.Ultimate Sharing Option: You can share your sound through different website and social website via a single click on share button.

There are plenty of features of Click here to go to [button color=”orange” link=””]SoundCloud.Com[/button]