Skeljs: A light weighted single file frontend framework

Skeljs: A frontend CSS framework
Skeljs: A frontend CSS framework

Skel.js is a light weight frontend framework to quickly develop or build responsive website and web application. It comes in a single javascript file which has only 18kb of weight, beside lighter in weight it has robust features and even you can extend its core with plugin.

Skeljs: A frontend CSS framework
Skeljs: A frontend CSS framework

The core features of Skeljs:-

  • CSS Grid System: Skeljs does support to 12 column grid system with concise manner without much complication like uncluttered syntax, adjustable gutters, unlimited nesting support and many more cool features.
  • Responsive Handler: It is responsive in nature and does support different view supports which is highly customized by supported CSS (case cading stylesheet).
  • CSS Shortcuts: CSS shortcuts is the key feature of Skeljs as it does offer simple shortcut to do some of the most complicated and repetitive task which usually takes much time and effort to be completed.
  • Plugin System: Skeljs can be easily extend with plugin support.

Skeljs comes with very much handy MIT license that let you customize it and rebrand it, one can easily fork it’s repository at Github and download the source code.

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