Serverpilot: Best Cloud Control Panel - Cloud Control Panel

Ever since cloud computing started, the web application based on cloud started making buzz and now we can see most of the application coming on cloud servers as SAAS (Software as a Service).

Talking about Linux-based operating system’s web control panel there are many control panels both as open source (free) and proprietary (paid) but these are self-hosted and run on the machine which they control. - Cloud Control Panel – Cloud Control Panel

Some of the best in Paid control panels are:

Plesk and Cpanel which offers wide range functions and features.

Similarly in Opensource there are: Sentora, VestaCP, ISPConfig, EHCP, Ajenti and much more such alike.

But when it comes to cloud-based control panel there is one name which comes to mind is which offers cloud-based web control panel to manage your server from a cloud-based application.

The cloud computing server providers like Digitalocean already offers a cloud-based web control panel to their customer to manage their web applications.

But serverpilot is unique it does not sell any server rather it offers free and premium cloud-based control panel to connect and manage several machines at a time, it is easy, secure, faster and scalable.

Serverpilot uses Ubuntu 14.04 or Latest 16.04 64 bit OS to install its stack of applications and services to let its users manage PHP based website easily, it has also the special feature for WordPress user to deploy a WordPress website automatically.

Serverpilot install you all required programs like Mysql, Apache, Nginx etc to make your PHP based application faster, secure and reliable.

Serverpilot has three types of pricing plans one is free in which a user can connect multiple servers under a single user account in another case FTP account, can add unlimited apps, the second plan namely Coach which has $10/month per server allows you to add free unlimited ssl certificates to your unlimited applications and also deploy your applications on simple http/2 to make your PHP application faster even on https, you can add multiple users and also can view server health status.The third and last plan is Business plan which offers you all features of Free and Coach plan and along with this it gives you additional features like Logviewer, high priority support, App resource usage stats, Slow script notifications and much more, The business plan cost you $49/month/server.

One of the pioneering features of using cloud control panel like is that you don’t need to worry about the update of control panel it will be updated with the latest update automatically.

Features that Serverpilot Does not Offers:

1- DNS Service: Serverpilot a cloud-based control panel does not install DNS service on your machine so you have to use external DNS service like Google DNS, Amazon Route 53 or DYN etc.

2- Mail Service: Though Serverpilot install postfix but it is only for modest application mailing like recovering username or password if you forgot via emails, you have to host your mailing service externally and for that your best choice would be Google Apps, ZOHO Mail (which offers free mailing service as well), Rackspace etc.

3- Manual Backup: It does not offer any option to backup your applications from the cloud-based control panel, you have to do a manual backup from the command prompt.

In lack of above features, one should clearly understand that Serverpilot is more for web professional who works mostly in technically. Serverpilot installs minimal features to run a faster and more secure web applications and above all most available and scalable web applications.

So if you are looking to host a faster, secure and reliable PHP based applications or WordPress websites choose