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Email marketing is blooming in today online marketing industry which almost every online business use to keep in touch with their clients/prospects/subscribers. While it seems very easy to send an email from your Outlook, Gmail or any other mail account, this could be a very tedious and difficult job to send emails to over thousands or even more email subscribers and get better inbox placement.

There are so many tools and online email marketing service providers which offer email marketing services to send bulk emails. Similarly, you can also create and host an in-house email sending platform but whether you do it in-house by hiring a consultant or do it by yourself or get subscribe to online email marketing service providers you will face two challenges one is money and second are email deliverability.

The other way around is to use email relay services which are cost effective, highly deliverable and scalable like Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Mailgun, SparkPost etc.

The dilemma in using email relay or delivery service providers i.e. Amazon SES they are cheaper but they don’t offer their own sending app to send emails their services are meant to be connected with your sending application as per their guideline and APIs to utilize all features in particular bounce and spam processing.

Email delivery/relay service providers offerings are developer friendly more than user-friendly to bridge this gap like SAAS (software as a service) are one stop solution to end user which could be anybody who wants to send email newsletters via Amazon SES and similar services. offers an online email marketing platform to connect email relay service providers i.e. Amazon SES, Sendgrid, and Mailgun etc. and send emails across.

Features of

Connect your favorite email relay service providers to send email i.e. Amazon SES, Mailgun etc. it has almost 12+ top email service providers connectors.
List Management
Campaign Management
Email Scheduling and Tracking i.e. open, click and bounces.
Automatic bounce and abuse processing.
Send targeted email campaign i.e. send emails to those who have opened your last campaign.
Modern , Responsive and Intuitive user interface.
Only pay for what you use.
Affordable pricing.
Suitable for Small and Medium size businesses.
Highly deliverable and scalable.

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