Plenty of options to store your files on cloud

Cloud storage

In this age of cloud computing everything is going up on cloud and IT service providers prefer to deliver service through the connected networks, so be it a little application or complex, small files or large files where everything is going up on cloud.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a medium where you can upload your file over chain of connected network and later can access through any closet location of that connected network.

IT is ever growing and updating industry where everything is rapidly changing. Hence in storage with the invention and innovation of cheapest and micro level chips we have developed sophisticated case to store your large files in a secure place.

Storage Service Providers: The cloud storage service providers are huge in number but here I am mentioning some of the renowned, reliable and dedicated service provider name. Amazon s3 storage


Handheld Supported Apps

The above mentioned list of cloud service providers gives you handheld device based apps so that you can manage your precious files via mobile or tablet and other handheld devices.

Available as Free and Premium: Depending on the use of space. Every service providers gives minimum 2GB of free space and for further extension they do have a premium membership plan.

Pay as you go plan of Amozon S3: If you are looking the cheapest solution to store your files on cloud and make it available to access it anywhere in the world, then Amazon S3 is the best option for you it does provides the pay as you go plan for its users. It gives you free space upto 5GB.  Please go here to check out its plan

If you have other option too please mention it in comment section.