Make Interactive web presentation with Prezi

prezi a web presentation

Make Interactive web presentation with Prezi


In this global informatics era and as the web technology getting better day by day we all love to browse different kind of websites for different purposes.

The beauty of webpage is kept in its design, elegancy and usability. I often visit some of the best web design showcase websites like and for my web design inspiration, these websites brings the world’s best website those are simply awesome and designed with an out of the box. My eyes get astonished when I take a look to some the notable best website. No matter who has developed but it simply gives an immense pleasure while browsing.

Presentation does matter

Forget about the PowerPoint presentation, you don’t need to carry any presentation in your laptop to go in a business meeting now this is the time of web. Everything is on web. This is cloud computing, HTML 5 and CSS3 web era. Now you don’t need to carry anything with you just simply go to and create your own cloud based web presentation and share with your client or friends.

If you have an Idea then don’t wait go on and start sketching your Idea and give it an Interactive look.

Be it putting an Image or Video or customizing the appearance via different color schemes fonts and size. is the far better medium to create, store and share with your clients or friends.

Get Design Inspiration

Before creating a web presentation you can explore some of the previous made awesome web presentation to give your presentation an elegant look and feel. The more good presentation you will create the more number of chance of its popularity will increase that simply increase your possibility to get more business.

Some of the notable features that Prezi does offer:-

  1. Broadcasting of your presentation through special web url.
  2. Templates for kick start of presentation
  3. Insertion of Images
  4. Shapes
  5. Import PowerPoint Presentation.
  6. Object library for the symbolize and Illustration purpose
  7. Adding different kind of layout i.e. Linear, Overlap, Zoom into detail etc.
  8. Add Frames
  9. Many more…

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