MailWizz: Top 10 Key Features

MailWizz Email Marketing App - Demo

Mailwizz is a modern email marketing app with cutting edge enterprise level features and functionalities. It is now a leader among self-hosted email marketing app and it is now far ahead of its competitors like OEM Pro, Sendy, and Interspire.

MailWizz Email Marketing App - Demo
MailWizz Email Marketing App – Demo

Mailwizz is a complete package to start and manage your entire email marketing campaign and many organization using it as software as a service (SAAS) and offering email marketing solutions to their clients.

Top 10 Key Features of Mailwizz:

Mailwizz has so many features but some of the key features are as:

1- Multi-user functionality- Create and Manage multiple users with the different access level. You can create a user group and can assign different functions to that group and then assign a specific group to a specific user.

2- Customer Management- You can create the new customer, assign a group, can set configure different options to the group like total email sending credit, sending rate, list management, campaign management and much more.

3- Multiple Delivery Server Support- You can create multiple SMTP based delivery server and can add popular email delivery services like Amazon SES and Mailgun etc. You can assign a particular delivery server to a customer group or can lock the delivery server for a particular customer.

4- Bounce Configuration- You can configure bounce processing to a specific delivery server and in the case of special delivery server types like Amazon SES and Mailgun etc. bounce processing features comes default.

5: Frontend and Backend Dashboard- Mailwizz has two different kinds of dashboard one for customers and one for a backend users. An awesome feature of both dashboards is that both dashboards functions can be customized and you can assign define different functions to a customer group to access frontend and similarly can assign different access rights to backend user group.

6: Sending Domain Name- In Mailwizz you can have multiple sending domain name which you can configure for different customer or customer can add from his panel.

7. Tracking Domain Name- Similar to sending domain name feature one can manage tracking domain name which means you can hide actual application URL with a different domain name i.e. tracking.yourdomain.tld.

8- Customer Impersonalization- One of the advanced level feature which allows you to sign into any customer account from backend and control specific customer dashboard from backend this is very helpful when you ought to give seamless support service.

9- Monetization- This option allows you to start selling email marketing service to your client and start receiving payment online via PayPal and another supported payment gateway.

10- Miscellaneous Features- like controlling cron behaviors, import and export management, campaign management, email blacklisting features both at customer and backend level, emergency actions like killing different kinds of cron jobs i.e. Email sending, bounce processing etc.

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