How to surf internet anonymously without any restrictions

Anonymous Internet Browsing
Anonymous Internet Browsing

We are living in global informatics era where we have given privilege or we do have rights for speech, liberty to read, write, watch, share and publish over internet. But sometime due to some miss activities are due to differences of geo locations, territory or country we are not allow to surf internet with full liberty.

Anonymous Internet Browsing
Anonymous Internet Browsing

In many locations you cannot open global accessible websites due to legal issues, the government issues special order to Internet Service Providers to block illegal content sharing websites, porn, racial or other special websites.

If you are living in a country like Saudi Arabia then you cannot open porn websites, similarly Indian government issued a special order to Indian ISPs to ban illegal downloading and porn websites like, etc.

Well if you are not tech savvy and not aware of anonymous browsing of internet then you are at right place.

There is old English proverb “Where there’s a will there’s a way “

So if you are looking to open banned websites that are globally accessible in different countries and you want to open in your home country via banned ISPs (Internet Service Provider) then this post is for you.

Below are the number of free websites that provides tools and facilities to browse internet anonymously:


The above mentioned websites give you free service to open any website anonymously with the help of remote proxy IPs.

Just copy and paste the mentioned urls and start surfing internet anonymously without paying any bucks.