Google page speed insight extension for chrome

Google Pagespeed Insight by Gogle

It is speed that does matter most to our search engine like google, bing and yahoo etc. if your website is lack of speed and has poor respond time then it affect your website ranking and lead to poor search engine marketing.

Google Pagespeed Insight by Google

Why Web Page Speed Does Matter?

At the end of everything it is our user or client browser to whom we are meant to broadcast our webpage or serve our content, if they are not getting your complete webpage due to lack of page speed then ultimately they will leave your website as soon as possible and will prefer to find an alternative website for the information they are looking for.

Due to lack of webpage speed your website bounce rate will increase and that’s not a good sign, now a days people are hurry, our internet service providers are also busy to improve the bandwidth so that at the end they can offer the best internet speed to their customers.

People get pissed off with the long respond time of a webpage and soon they exit the website this lead to high bounce rate and that eventually downgrade website ranking.

How to improve webpage speed?

I recently written a post on how to test your web page speed?

There are many SEO (search engine optimization) tools who offer suggestion to improve but many few give you reliable and authentic information.

If you are looking for a better and authentic web page insight tool then google chrome page speed plugin is the answer that not only gives you, your website page speed score card but also does offer you information/suggestion or recommendation pertaining to your website so that you can improve website page speed.

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