Glowroad to Shopify and Shopify to Woocommerce

Shopify Glowroad and Woocommerce

Glowroad to Shopify

Glowroad is one of the leading Dropshipper in India they have a big community of resellers. So this post is particularly for the Shopify owner and resellers who resell Glowroad products by Whatsapp, Facebook Marketplace, Page, Group, etc.

The Problem you face as a Glowroad Reseller

  1. Selling Available Inventory – Keeping track of up to date inventory is the top most challenge face by almost every reseller when they resell the products from any Dropshipping companies like Shop101, Glowroad, Meesho etc.
  2. Managing The Products – Managing the products what you wanna sell in a single place become very chellenging each time you are selling a new item and older items gets lost somewhere. So recalling them become another issue.
  3. Product Sharing – When it comes to share the products you have limited audience and limited medium as well.

Solutions for Glowroad Reseller

Glowroad has recently released it’s integration app with Shopify on Shopify App Store and any Glowroad reseller can use it with Shopify paid plan.

Shopify plan basic plan starts from $29/month.

Now the problem with Shopify is that it is expensive compare to self-hosted ecommerce solution like Woocommerce.

Import Glowroad products to Shopify

Import and Sync products from Shopify to Woocommerce

Downgrade Shopify $9 per month

There is a trick for Shopify user in order to minimise their monthly Shopify cost they can switch to Shopify lite plan which only offer you the backend product and order management and also offer the Webhook and API access.

Shopify to Woocommerce Product the real game-changer

We offer you the smooth integration between Shopify and Woocommerce So this way you can switch from Shopify to WooCommerce integrate Glowroad to Shopify for managing the products and use Woocommerce to sell the products.

Shopify to Woocommerce

This way your monthly expense with Shopify downgrade to just $9 per month and further you don’t have to pay 2% transaction fee per order and further you will have all the features of Woocommerce to work with and scale your Woocommerce store to the next level.

Buy Shopify to Woocommerce Plugin

Buy Shopify to Woocommerce plugin‚Äč

Design and Develop an e-commerce

Contact WebAnaya for designing your Shopify + Glowroad + Woocommerce Integrated Store.