Delhi Rape Case Victim dominates on Search Engines in India

Delhi Rape a google trends

The highly condemn the brutal rape case of Delhi is highly dominated search results on Search engines including top search engine giant like google india, yahoo india and bing india.

On 16th December six men brutally raped a 23yrs old girl in running private luxurious bus in Heart of Delhi, India. The girl was returning to home along with her 28yrs software engineer friend after watching the film along with her boyfriend both victim and her boyfriend picked a private bus in which the 23yrs Paramedical was brutally raped by six one after another.

The culprits not only raped the girl but also inserted an iron rod in her vagina which given caused the complete damage of her intestinal and after badly beaten victim and her boyfriend they thrown them outside of the running bus.

As of now the Delhi rape victim is still battling for her life. This brutal incident outrage hue and cry across the whole India specially in Delhi and protestors and other eminent personalities are highly condemn to this heinous crime. According to the latest updates on victim medical treatment her condition is critical but stable. The attending doctors are surprised to see the will power of victim to live. One of the medical attendee told to press that he never ever seen such medical case in his 25yrs long career and highly condemn this heinous act.

Meanwhile the ongoing police investigation team has arrested all the six culprits who committed this heinous crime. As the hue and cry is rising and protestors intensifying its protest the ruling party has assured the rapid trial for this case and promised to give a strong lesson to culprits.

The (a real time news update service from google) is now a days is highly covering the Delhi rape and other rape case articles across the all online news agency websites.

Since the incident took place not only the web media but also the Indian media attention is toward this incident.

Delhi Rape Case is not the only issue in India: As the Justice Katju (Chairman Press Council of India,Former Judge Supreme Court Of India)expressed his view on Delhi rape case. The Delhi Rape case is not the only issue that India and its respected people are suffering there are other issues are in county for which we required the same amount of hue and cry.
Some of them are:

  1. 250,000 farmers’ suicide during last 10 years approx. 47 farmers’ suicide per day.
  2. 48% of Indian children are malnourished
  3. Massive unemployment in India
  4. Almost total lack of healthcare for poor people
  5. Prices are skyrocketing of India
  6. 80% Poor people are surviving in this fiscal economy

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Being an Indian I too highly condemn to this incident and believing that a fast trial and Indian Penal Code 376 will punish culprits.