Create Your Own Font with Type 3.2 Font Editor

type 3.2 - font creator

Many Designer wonder to create a unique typography for the web pages hence the look for different type of font collection some of them are freely available and some fonts getable only via premium level of subscription of purchase.

What is Type 3.2?

This is desktop software that offers its user to create Font of their own design.

The possibilities represented by OpenType mean that handwriting, signatures, CAD graphics, and even symbols for maps and charts can all be captured in a font set. With our latest update comes an integrated autotracer, which means you can scan and automatically capture your handwriting in font form.

All of this comes with our trademark intuitive design, meaning from set-up to advanced features Type 3.2 is simple and easy to use. Because we have complete confidence in the functional ability of our program, we’re offering a free evaluation version for download. Try it today; we know you won’t be disappointed.

Features of Type 3.2?

Open, Save and Convert .otf and .ttf fonts Open and convert .ttc fonts (True Tyoe Colletions)
Edit TrueType and PostScript curves Enter basic and advanced font names in Unicode
Enter all font metrics and basic description parameters Enter Advanced description parameters
Basic drawing tools (select, draw, points, shapes & ruler) Advanced drawing tools (knife, glue, freehand, transform & touchup)
Glymph metrics editor (xmin, lsb, rsb, aw) Create and edit fonts with more than 65,000 glyphs
Map to all Unicode characters (including supplementary planes) Glyph list functions (copy, duplicate & rename glyphs)
Glyph Transfer Functions (from an external font) Even More…

 Depending on the features it is available in both free and paid version.

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