Create Interactive Image with

Now a days I am discovering some of the awesome web application and tools those are really good for my readers.

Recently I cover you guys must have found it useful while creating an online video with the combination of your photos and music.

What is

Now it’s time to know about which facilitate you to create an interactive image. Yes your static image is no more static now you can make it interactive like tapping particular area and leaving a message.

It’s pretty cool idea not only textual content even you can insert a link into your image like a web address i.e. youtube video , soundcloud link and even facebook profile link etc.

How to create an Interactive image with

Just access and signup for a free account, once your account successfully created now you can create your interactive image by uploading an image and tapping or tagging the message or leaving links on it.

How can I share my created interactive image?

To do that you have option to share via social sites like facebook and twitter or even you can embed into your webpage like I have done below. Check out the below interactive image it is created with

[button color=”red” link=””][/button]