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Today internet dominantly being used over Smartphone more than other devices i.e. Laptop, Desktop or Tablet. Today as per statistics nearly 64% internet being used over mobile devices.

Mobile phone internet user penetration worldwide from 2014 to 2019.

Smartphone is portable, has a lower cost and easy access to the internet, with more and more users getting online via smartphone it is important to optimize the user experience for the web.

While larger corporates or company having a larger budget can afford to have different applications for different platforms i.e. iOS, Android, Web etc. smaller companies with having lower budget can’t afford and maintain a variety of applications.

PWA or Progressive Web App is the answer to easily have a native application like feel without having an actual native application. PWA is lightweight, super fast, secure and also it has offline support.

PWA is supported by cross mobile and web platforms like iOS, Android and web (Chrome browser). A single code base can be used for all the platform for its development and production uses, this saves time, money and keep maintenance also in check.

Some of the notable features of a PWA (Progressive Web App) –

  1. Increases credibility – Due to great user experience and super fast speed, offline support offer by a PWA app it increases the credibility which eventually leads to higher sales conversion rate.
  2. Super fast speed – It is super fast, gets loaded in user browser rapidly and increases overall user experiences.
  3. Responsive pages – All web pages are responsive in nature and can easily go in different display sizes i.e. Mobile, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop.
  4. Installable – Can be easily added to home screen no need to convert and publish PWA to play store.
  5. Splash Screen – Just like native web application add application splash screen which eventually loads at application startup.
  6. Offline Support – It run in browser and download pages in browser cache memory to never let you down even your internet goes offline.
  7. Push Notification – It support push notification just like native mobile app.

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