Be careful while sharing your information with facebook apps


Today facebook has over 800 million of users around the world and it is not just limited up to only a social networking site. People are using facebook personally as well as professionally.

You must have heard about the web 2.0 technologies, well if you don’t know much about this then please read my previous post about what is web 2.0?

Web 2.0 enables site owners to share their user’s data up to certain level across the website besides they are running on different platform. Let me give you some example you must gave noticed website offering free signup using your social account like facebook, twitter and google etc  this is a data sharing activities between two different sites that can be achieve with the help of API (Application Programming Interface).

Let’s come back to the facebook , however the facebook framework to develop a new app for it is little bit older but its Apps marketplace is new and it is only 4 months old to us.

Ever since facebook has enabled the third party apps integration you can see different types of applications games running on facebook.

For example: Some of you friend must have sent you a request to play a game or have requested to sign up for an application might be possible your friend have not sent you request for the same but some cheap apps may do it automatically to virally promote their app.

When you signup an app on facebook it ask permission to give it access to your profile data like your name, birthday, city, gender, age etc excepts email ids and password (however in some case it remain encrypted) when you allow it then it can access your data and can fetch desire data from your profile to use it further during the process.

Some apps are genuine and some are may embarrass you before your friends on facebook.


Because some of the third party apps running on facebook are designed and developed for viral marketing trends and they can use your data to seek other facebook user’s attention.

Some of these apps include viral promotion of indecent videos and pictures that eventually will lead to frustration from facebook.

To avoid this kind of mishap facebook offers you complete control over the apps you are using and sharing your data with them.

In your facebook profile setting page in left menu item you can see Apps option just click on it and see the list of Apps you are already signed up, carefully check all the apps if they are useless and you don’t use them any more just remove them by clicking on cross icon (located before each app).

Through Apps setting you can also control your data that you are sharing with a particular app and can control its privacy too by clicking on edit button.

It’s neat and clean interface of your social profile that relax you and your friend circle too so I would highly recommend to do not use much unreliable third party apps. Happy Social Networking!