An introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (A Beginner Guide)

What is SEO?

They are millions of websites running on internet. It is estimated that in just one minute millions web pages are added on these websites. Before I elaborate you what is Search Engine Marketing? To understand it let me slice this question in two parts first what is website? And what secondly what are the search engines?

What is website?

As term “website” indicates or it is obvious by its term that it is a collection of webpage filled with different types of digital content i.e. text, audio, video and images etc. but having just webpage in a website is not its complete definition your webpage must be written in a proper web scripting language i.e. html that a user browser can understand while hosted in a remote server it should be accessible with an unique web address like is called a website.

What is Search Engine?

Search engine is a kind of website that basically crawls and maintains the database of numerous webpages of websites across the world according to predefined algorithm. It is believe that now a days search engines have robot like crawling (indexing website) intelligence. These robots are developed on the concept of artificial intelligence.

As I previously said it is estimated that World Wide Web (www) has billions of websites and endless webpage. To easily locate more relevant or specific website out of billion websites we seek help of search engine websites like, and these are the top most popular player in today search engines.

Let’s take a real example if john is looking to buy a t-shirt online via ecommerce website and he don’t know the url (uniform resource locator) of any ecommerce website then in this case he will go to and type the relevant keywords or phrase i.e. ‘Shop t-shirt’ the search engine google will give him the most relevant website against his search query (keywords) and if he will get the list of relevant websites he will surely click one of these websites and jump on it and we will do the rest of formalities like shopping etc.

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What is SEO?

 What is SEO?

Search Engine Marketing is process to optimize your website according to the search engine rule and policy. In other words SEO aims to promote your website on search engines against specific keywords and phrases.

Search engines are the source to give your website relevant visitors. There are billion keywords searched in just a single minute on so you can imagine its vastness.

Getting relevant traffic via search engine on specific keyword some time is easy but sometime it is the biggest challenge and sometime it seems impossible depends on the competition rate of keywords it requires lots of effort.

SEO is a process that has some rules and policy according to this we optimize our website. In this digital marketing era it is an art of marketing.

It helps to build a strong Search Engine Marketing base.