Advanced Features Enabled into Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Advanced features in Samsung galaxy note 3
Advanced features in Samsung galaxy note 3

If you are seeking for the best and Smartphone ever in the mobile market, it is essential to search online and refer with friends so that you get the best deal and you do not have to regret after purchase. Samsung galaxy note 3 is the advanced Smartphone that you must enjoy to use and explore options and make show-off among the friend circle.

But before purchasing any phone, you must explore its options and that’s why, this article tells you about the features and specifications that this version of galaxy note is having. It is not only the Smartphone but it more than that of it and it caters best to the users demand while using this so called to a phone.

Advanced features in Samsung galaxy note 3
Advanced features in Samsung galaxy note 3

Galaxy note 3 is here to continue the commanding power of its previous version. It has full HD display, better hardware configuration, and Android experience that you never think of. It has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset, 2GB of RAM, 2MP secondary camera, 64 GB internal storage space, 3300mAh battery, and 2.3GHz quad-core processor.


It is of 6.3 inch display and it is more amazing, as it is available with 13 megapixel camera for taking pictures and you can make videos as well. The six inches perfect display is enough for this big resolution camera provided. The case provided covers the display and the camera feature enabled into it make competitive rival with the HTC One. The camera in this Samsung Smartphone has plastic casting.

Samsung has come up with the wide range of Android enables phones and galaxy note 3 has given the quite tough competition to other rivals in this segment.

Operating System:

This phone is making use of the Android 4.3. Android provides the class you are looking in your own phone and Samsung is the boss in offering the Android Smartphones to its customers. It has chosen to offer the advanced version after a great deal of deliberation. You can further do research online for its features. It is the best version and you get the nice experience while exploring options with this OS.

Processing Unit:

Let’s discuss upon the processing unit that this phone has. What are your expectations? It has the Octa-core processor. It accommodates several features other than the processor. HTC one is another option, but Samsung has the one to answer its close rival.

Other Features:

Action memo is the mega addition in this version of Smartphone and it makes simpler to users for notepad interface. When you use the notepad, it saves to the notebook app and you simply see the notes there.

You only need to drag inwards from left side, where you get all sorts of advanced apps available in it. Just click on any app, it start on full screen. Moreover, you can run two apps at one time and both of the apps run side by side in screen partition into two. You can also adjust the screen partition with just a touch.