A design which speaks for itself – MOTO G

Moto G an awesome android smartphone from Motorola
Moto G an awesome android smartphone from Motorola

‘High expectations and unwillingness to spend much on purchase’, when these two reasons combine together most of us return back home with not much in hand in terms of new mobile phone shopping. But this situation would be over soon, as recently a new member has made a phenomenal entry in technology the market.
According to most reviews which you can find online, you must have come-up with a picture that MOTO G is totally worth the price one would spend on it. But the real question is ‘is this new smart phone actually fulfilling all the promises it is doing to us?’ Well, if in case you are sharing the same concern, then this discussion below would help you and support you in finding a perfect answer for this question of yours.

Moto G an awesome android smartphone from Motorola
Moto G an awesome android smartphone from Motorola

Starting with a little summary first, good quality display, well built and an excellent price tag (if compared to performance) are few points which can help you fill your plus point column, but like we have always maintained good and bad points comes in hand in hand. Thence to the list of plus points you can always find few pints which can encourage you to ignore this purchase as well, for example, few of you might find this device a little thick and heavy if compared to others in the same price range and more importantly it comes with a non-expandable storage capacity which can be a huge drawback for most of us. In short, while there are causes explaining why you should go for this purchase, there are definitely grounds to ignore the same as well.

There is no doubt to the fact that, Google has actually moved forward with few wired step like taking over a company in somewhere near around $12.5 billion and then letting it go in much less. But that has definitely never stopped this company to amaze its users with some of the best surprises. And that’s exactly the reason new MOTO G has been included in a list of products which are usually mentioned as actual value for money.

‘NO nonsense design’ is the phrase you’ll come up with when you’ll check out this Smartphone with a simple yet classy design, which is again has been highlighted with some of the best feature one can ask for in the price this handset has been provided. This brand new Smartphone has been provided with a 4.5 inches IPS panel, which then works with 1280 x 720 pixels. But while this panel helps you get quite a good display quality, the same is prone to smudges and fingerprints as well.

On top of the display you can easily locate a 1.3 MP camera which will help you capture all the moments you are suppose to be in. A 5 mega pixel camera in back with LED flash, micro USB port, 3.5 mm audio jack, 2070mAh battery and various colored back panels to choose from are few more features you can easily list under design factor.

The designers have provided this handset with a slight hump which helps in handling this Smartphone much easily, overall one can say that looks of this particular device would never let you down if compared to the price you be paying for the same.

We are pretty sure that most of your doubts are covered up related to the looks this handset is coming with, with the help of points we have provided above, but this is not all. In fact, the next conversation of our will provide you with facts related to the performance of the same. Thence make sure you are not letting that pass by without your look.

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